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Thanks for droppin' by. The guestbook is not yet (and may never be) ready for public viewing, but we would love it if you would tell us about your uke experiences, comment on the Diner, or even send us a picture of people uking, etc... All of the info we collect goes into the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum's archives, so that generations of ukers to come will know what was going on back in the late 20th century!

Send a tip to the Ukulele Diner, and we'll include you in the Museum database. Send a photo, and we'll put it here!

This cool picture of a Polk-a-lay-lee is courtesy of Tony Wikner. Thanks, Tony!

Say "Hello" to Fabio Calabrò of Venezia Mestre, Italy!

Here's Chris Wright of Dayton, Ohio. Currently a guitar collector, but there's hope . . .

Here's a note from the Swedish branch of the family!

My name is Laban and I live in Sweden. I´ve been playing the uke since a year back or so and it was my mothers idea to begin. She´s in this ukuleleclub here in Gothenburg and they´re really good...
I´ve made a site ( in swedish, but soon english and german too ) and I would like to leave a tip for others around the world... http://www.oops.se/~laban/uka
Thank you