Music Project

"Your jumping flea will be right out of the oven, ma'am. We collect all the old Hawaiian cheese, scrape off the moldy bits, slice it up and serve it in a tasty setting, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

What I mean, honey, is we've scoured the flea markets, tag sales, church bazaars and swap meets for not just the finest, but ANY and ALL recorded Hawaiian music--authentic, lounge-style, hapa-haole or otherwise.

Why, Jumping flea can talk one good story 'bout many an underrated, underappreciated Hawaiian-influenced musical act. Where do I start? Well, what suits ya? The religious surfkids from Iowa? Mele Kalikimaka? The Mancini connection? Tennessee Ernie Ford? The Plymouth Hawaiian Orchestra?

Listen, sweetie, if you're interested in anything really native kine, my cook has got a real wholesome meal for you! Tony Conjugacion. Johnny Kameaaloha Almeida. Haunani. Jesse Nakooka. The Sons of Hawaii. What?!, you never heard of these treats? Well, darlin' it's only a matter of time, 'cause you done set yourself down for booth service at the Jumping Flea Emporium and you're gonna like it! But before you can like, you gotta taste!

JFM is on a mission to preserve music--for their own enjoyment, for the unborn keikis who will most certainly long to hear the sounds of yesteryear, and for ukulele enthusiasts around the globe. We have only to rise early and often, to make our appointed rounds at yard sales near and far, and to live long into the night with little other than a roomful of ukes and that strange, recurring dream of a box o' ukes.

And you know, it's not JUST the ukes, it's the ashtrays too, and the shirts, and the 78's, and the 8-tracks . . . .

We take the choicest cuts from the Islands and melt them together in a rich mele fondu we call the "For You A Lei" tape series. Friends and relatives who've ventured to taste this heady cheese mix say there's nothing else like it. It's an 11 course meal, but here's a sampling of the spread:

Click here to download an index of our album collection. Not all the records have been indexed, but there is a lot here! The file is a plain text file that can be imported into Excel or any other spreadsheet application.