Domestic Ham Sandwich
Too many layers to count!

By the early 1920's, every college man needed a uke to complement his image. Savvy instrument makers across the country, following the lead of the visionary Lyon & Healy Co. of Chicago, began cranking out ukes of all description. They experimented with every aspect of design, decoration, and embellishment. It is our pleasure to present to you, our honored patron, a virtual "melting pot" of ukes.
(The chef makes no guarantees about what's in here.
As we discover new, succulent items, we will bring them to you, so keep watching!

* All images are approx. 20k jpegs.
Newest items listed first!
  • "Tru-Fret"--Stay in tune with a metal fingerboard.
  • No Name w/fancy headstock and checkered binding.
  • Supertone Cheerleader--Go Team!
  • Cortley - the first uke we ever met!
  • Regal - Uke like an Egyptian! The "Sphinx" by Regal features sphinx on head, fret markers and a pyramid decal below the bridge.
  • Supertone - Signed by Les Paul!
  • Maxitone - with mother-o'-pearl fingerboard.
  • No Name (say "no-nah-may")
  • Another no name.
  • Oscar Schmidt - The "Hawaiian Ukulele" w/ rope binding.
  • Collegiate - "Pep Leader".
  • Regal - Concert size.
  • Regal - Tenor, the "Black Beauty".
  • Sherwood - w/ tortoise shell binding. A nice player!
  • Regal - "Silhouette" with dancers and mother-o'-pearl fingerboard.
  • S. S. Stewart - the famous banjo makers, also produced some nice looking ukes. This one's loaded w/ marquetry!
  • Regal - The "Red Head," named for the popular entertainer, Wendall Hall. (See close-up at top of page)
  • Vega - Baritone, "Arthur Godfrey" Signature model.