We're cookin' with gas this month! Actually, we always cook with gas--it's more efficient and less harmful to the environment. But for this month's Blue Plate, we spared no environmentally unsound technology. In fact, we had to rev up not just the ol' gas-guzzler, but a Boeing 727, too. Our uke scouts scoured the Atlantic seaboard from Toronto to Tampa so that we could bring you this repast.

For starters, we followed in the footsteps of Ponce De Leon to bring back this side dish from the Florida jungle. It's no ordinary dinner roll, though you could say it's got buns of steel.

The National Triolian,
with stenciled Hawaiian
scene on back; #368

For the main course, we did a bit of pilfering from a little-known French-Canadian larder. Elegantly presented on silver, it's a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

The National Silver Ukulele,
Style 1; #381